Choose one of the published opportunities and fill out the contact form. Our team will contact you to complete the contractual documents in order to formalize your subscription. You can contact us at any time by email at contact@jiwall.com for any further information.

The primary role of Jiwall is to put you in touch with other individuals who have the same desire to invest in stone. Jiwall takes care of setting up the legal framework which allows the project to be carried out under the best conditions. Jiwall is then the assistant to the project owner and takes care of the management of the project in general (choice of service providers, administrative procedures, monitoring of the work …) Finally, Jiwall keeps you informed of the progress of the work in full transparency thanks to its technological platform.

Jiwall receives a fixed commission expressed as a percentage of the cost of the project. This aligns Jiwall’s interests with those of the participants in Bokko’s case.

There are access costs related to the creation of the company such as incorporation costs, related notary fees and other related costs.

Jiwall takes care of all administrative, legal and financial procedures relating to projects, such as notarial procedures, drafting of pacts and contracts, obtaining various authorizations at the level of administrative services, etc.

Jiwall is not the builder. He is your assistant to the project management and in this sense, he is in charge of contracting and monitoring the various service providers (construction company, architect, control office, design office, etc.). Jiwall chooses qualified service providers according to strict criteria who will be in charge of implementing the project.

Beyond the intervention of the architect, the technical design office, the control office and the builder, Jiwall commissions an independent engineer responsible for monitoring the work to ensure that the builder’s operational choices comply with the specifications. charges and are in the interests of the Client.

Jiwall keeps you informed of the progress of your work in real time and in complete transparency thanks to its technological platform. Jiwall also organizes site visits to which all participants are invited.

In his capacity as assistant to the project owner (AMO), Jiwall ensures:
– delivery within the agreed times and costs,
– securing the various insurances necessary to cover the risks,
– securing a guarantee of perfect completion,
– obtaining the ten-year guarantee through the support of a control office,
– construction monitoring by qualified engineers independent of the construction company.

Jiwall gives you the possibility to configure your space. It is up to you to determine the number of rooms you want in your space, under the guidance of the architect to ensure the functionality of your apartment.

Once the building has been delivered, a condominium manager is put in place and will be in charge of the management and maintenance of the building, the collection of condominium fees as well as the recruitment of maintenance and security personnel for the parties. municipalities …

A condominium manager is a natural or legal person responsible for representing the syndicate of co-owners, he is responsible for the management of the building.

The co-ownership is the legal regime of “any built building or group of built buildings whose ownership is distributed among several people, by lot each comprising a private part (eg: apartment) and a share of the common parts (stairs, parking , elevators…) ”.

Each co-owner is responsible for the management of his private part (apartment). However, the various co-owners have the obligation to pay a contribution (monthly, quarterly or annual) for their participation in the expenses of the co-ownership. This contribution is calculated and collected by the condominium manager.

  • There are two types of charges in the condominium:

    The costs of maintenance, conservation, and administration on the one hand, distributed among all the co-owners according to the directors’ fees, i.e. the share held in the common areas, and,
    expenditure related to common equipment and collective services, on the other hand. These expenses are broken down according to the degree of utility of use for each lot. For example, the charges relating to the ascender are not charged to the lots located on the ground floor.

Each apartment will have its own water and electricity meter. However, the common parts will have common counters as a whole. For example, the lighting of the common areas, the elevator and the water booster will be under the same connection of the electricity meter.

Nous avons tous une fois penser à nous mettre ensemble entre amis ou en famille pour réaliser un projet immobilier rentable. Nous nous sommes tous heurté aux mêmes problèmes (par ou commencer, à qui faire confiance, comment ne pas mettre en péril les relations personnelles en jeu…) Avec Jiwall Bokko, cela est enfin possible. Donc, selonJiwall, choisir Bokko paraît une évidence. Pour la première fois au Sénégal, vous avez le contrôle sur la construction de votre appartement avec:
1. des coûts réduits,
2. une configuration personnalisée, et
3. un accompagnement professionnel.

You own land

Unlike classic real estate development, Jiwall supports you in carrying out your own real estate development project. Jiwall finds you solvent associates, ready to join your project. Jiwall is hired as an assistant to the project owner to support you from the design to the completion of the project.

By participating in a Bokko project, your land represents your contribution to the project company. The company, of which you will be the main shareholder, will then become the owner of the land in order to facilitate the execution of the project. This shareholding is expected to evolve in concert with the progress of the project and according to the respective level of investment of your future partners. At the end of the project, in return for your shares, you will receive the number of apartments that have been agreed. The title of the land will be replaced by individual titles corresponding to each apartment and given to the owners.

To submit your land for a Bokko project, follow this link Landowners and complete the form. Our team will process your request and will contact you to study the different options for enhancing your land.

Yes, the consideration will depend on the value of your land and the value of the apartments that will be delivered by the project. You have the possibility of receiving money in return for some of your future apartments.

For security reasons, Jiwall only includes in its real estate projects land whose ownership is justified by a land title or a lease.

You want to buy an apartment

Choose one of the published opportunities and fill out the contact form. Our team will contact you to complete the contractual documents in order to formalize your subscription. You can contact us at any time by e-mail at contact@jiwall.com for any further information.

Yes, you can take out a loan from your bank as part of a Bokko project. Jiwall will provide you with all the documents you need.

Currently, Jiwall does not offer partner banks but advises and supports you in the preparation of your financing file by preparing all the documents required by your bank.

Jiwall gives you the possibility to configure your space. It will be up to you to determine the number of rooms you want in your space with the support of the architect in order to guarantee the functionality of your apartment.

You will have the opportunity to join a Bokko project during the reservation phase before the stabilization of the architectural programming and at any time after this phase if there is availability due to any reason.

In the event that the round table of participants is not fully constituted or in case of withdrawal of a participant, you will be able to join an ongoing project. However, the housing configuration could already be stabilized at this stage. You will therefore have to comply with the plans already established, without the possibility of modifications.

Today in Senegal, the lease is a property title offering a lot of security. Nevertheless, as soon as the development of the land begins, Jiwall begins the procedures for converting the lease into a land title which offers a little more security compared to the lease.

If this schedule is not respected, the shareholder at fault is permanently excluded from the company and will only be partially reimbursed for the disbursements already made, as a penalty. The defaulting participant will be replaced by a new acquirer and his penalties shared among the historical participants, thus creating added value for the latter.

The initial purchaser will only be able to leave a current project if he / she or Jiwall has identified a future purchaser whose suitability for the project has been confirmed by Jiwall. The substitution process will be led by Jiwall. The original acquirer will only be reimbursed once the substitute funds to be paid by the future acquirer are fully received by the project company.

Jiwall structures Bokko projects according to a conservative approach and in this sense, budgets for possible budget overruns. In the event that the budget must be increased, all buyers will be notified. Jiwall will then proceed with a fundraising pro rata to the participation of each purchaser in order to supplement the funds and complete the project. In the event that the project is completed with an investment below the budget, the excess envelope will be returned to you pro rata to your participation, at the time of delivery of your apartment.

Yes, absolutely. At the end of the project, your apartment belongs to you. You are free to sell it, rent it out or stay there. In the event of a sale, the new owner must accept and sign the co-ownership internal regulations.

The Deepdive

DeepDive is a tailor-made real estate advisory service intended for project leaders who want more information on the target market, the prospects for their project and the investment strategy to adopt. It is a service that is all the more interesting in view of the notorious lack of information on the Senegalese real estate market despite its dynamism and the ambiguity of certain real estate opportunities that can lead to disadvantageous decisions.

The DeepDive allows you to appreciate the potential of your real estate project. It guides you on the strategic choices of your project: location, location, level of standing, size of the project, promotion and marketing. It also allows you to optimize your real estate portfolio in order to have maximized and lasting income.

Absolutely. DeepDive is also a comparison tool and decision support for a real estate transaction.


Deepdive prices start from 300,000 FCFA. They vary depending on the size and type of project.

To use our DeepDive service, complete the contact form on the deepdive page. You will be contacted by Jiwall within 72 hours for a telephone interview which will collect the information relevant to the conduct of the study.

The DeepDive is sent to the Customer at most (30) days after the order has been confirmed.

Of course. The DeepDive includes a 45-minute Q&A session after transmission of the study in order to allow the client to discuss with our teams and deepen their understanding of our recommendations.

Sustainable and bioclimatic building

A sustainable building is a building that respects the environment. It must be more energy efficient, consume less drinking water, discharge less water into the sewer and release less greenhouse gases.

A bioclimatic building is a building whose layout and design take into account the climate and the immediate environment, in order to reduce the energy requirements for heating, cooling and lighting.

Beyond allowing you to live in an eco-responsible way, a sustainable building has many economic advantages, in particular the gain in energy and water through the choice of suitable materials and the recycling of wastewater.

It is a common misconception that a green building is more expensive. On the contrary, more often than not, sustainable construction will save you money.

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