Construire une maison

construire au sénégal

How to build in Senegal?

The dream of every Senegalese is to one day be able to become an owner. Unfortunately, building a house in Senegal can be quite a perilous adventure, especially when one is not prepared. In this article, we will detail the 5 key steps to building in Senegal without risk.   Define your Budget   This step is essential. Defining your budget and also your financing option (own fund or...

acheter un terrain au Sénégal

Where and how to buy land in Senegal

Depending on its size and location, buying land in Senegal involves more or less high costs. In addition, this purchase must be made in accordance with a procedure and well-defined legal provisions. At the end of your reading, you will know where and how to make this real estate investment in the land of Teranga. Buy land with potential As part of its economic development and to win the challenge of...

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