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Daga Kholpa, an El Dorado for real estate

The Senegalese capital, Dakar, is undoubtedly the city where real estate is most valuable. The region has in particular six urban poles among which is that of "DAGA KHOLPA". This has many assets to highlight, which can be an advantage in attracting investors to the area. Discover through this article this place which is worth the detour for any investor. The urban center of Daga Kholpa, an alternative to...

Real estate in Senegal: a systematic rise in prices

Rising property prices in Senegal are worrying more than one. Land speculation and the scarcity of land in Dakar are the causes most often cited by experts and laymen. Some believe that individuals in their frantic pursuit of profit are the main cause of the rise in prices. Certainly, speculators exist, but to hold them entirely responsible would be a reductive analysis which would leave parts of the...


Real estate myth: Real estate is a non-productive investment

We often hear in Senegal that real estate investment is a non-productive investment because it does not create jobs and only benefits the investor. We believe that such a view of real estate is simplistic and reductive.   Real estate drives the construction industry Construction is a sector of activity that contributes 13% of global GDP (Mckinsey Construction Report, 2020). According to the...

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How to invest in real estate in Senegal

Real estate is known to be one of the most profitable sectors for investment. This is even more valid in Senegal where we are witnessing a real gold rush, especially in the capital. Something to seriously think about investing, we will help you understand why and how in this article? Why invest in real estate in Senegal? There are two main factors that are essential to look for when measuring the...

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JIWALL, a platform to democratize access to housing in Senegal

Proptech, co-construction, crowdfunding, new words in the real estate environment in Senegal that the startup Jiwall proposes to popularize. In an interview with Financial Afrik, Makhtar Diop, Co-Founder and CEO of Jiwall looks back on his career and the objectives of his innovative startup which aims to democratize access to housing in Senegal. Find the full article here :...

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Solutions to meet the challenges of housing in Senegal

The housing issue in Senegal today presents itself as a generational challenge amplified by several factors (current deficit, population growth, high cost, etc.). Access to housing thus becomes a citizen's concern which requires participatory reflection, hence the present Jiwall initiative which aims to contribute constructively to the establishment of a plan to meet the housing challenges mentioned during...

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6 criteria to value land

When it comes to investing, it is always a good idea to take all precautions to avoid investing in a bad deal. Also before buying a land, it is better to find out about its real value. In this article we give you 6 criteria that will help you evaluate a land before buying it.   Supply and demand When it comes to investing, it is always a good idea to take all precautions to avoid investing in...

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PropTech : Innovating in real estate to solve the problems of our generation

Technology occupies a central place in human economies today. Since the advent of digital technology, all areas of activity have been turned upside down, until the creation of sub-sectors capturing the attention of parent sectors. Finance, insurance and catering, to name but a few, have seen the advent of FinTech, AssurTech and FoodTech, respectively. These innovations are disrupting traditional operating...

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How to get a home loan

Consider taking out a home loan to finance your project. Here are some elements you will need to build your file: A duly signed loan application; A land title of less than three months; A quantitative and estimated estimate of the project; A tax notice; The last three payslips and employment contract; Bank statements for the last three months; A proof of...

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