Daga Kholpa, an El Dorado for real estate

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The Senegalese capital, Dakar, is undoubtedly the city where real estate is most valuable. The region has in particular six urban poles among which is that of “DAGA KHOLPA”. This has many assets to highlight, which can be an advantage in attracting investors to the area. Discover through this article this place which is worth the detour for any investor.

The urban center of Daga Kholpa, an alternative to the housing deficit in Senegal

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For several decades now, Senegal has seen its rate of urbanization increase successively. In particular, the Dakar region concentrates 26% of the country’s population on 0.28% of the national territory. Added to this is the concentration of most of the country’s economic activities.

Urban planning and housing production have become major issues in Senegal due to imbalances between urbanization and land development on the one hand and between housing supply and demand on the other. In order to find a solution to the housing problem, especially for the large number, the Government of Senegal has made urban planning and the promotion of social housing a priority in terms of economic and social development.

The construction of the urban development pole in Daga Kholpa thus makes it possible to respond, in part, to this strong demand for housing in the Dakar region. This is why the implementation of this urban development pole will increase access to social housing and create new activity centers in the greater Dakar area.

The quality and adapted facilities of Daga Kholpa


The urban center of Daga Kholpa, located northeast of Toubab Dialaw, can be a prime area for real estate projects in Senegal. It has characteristics that appear to be of great benefit to entrepreneurs investing in real estate.

The site has a large number of high quality social and luxury housing while benefiting from a very pleasant living environment and good connection to major infrastructures such as the new Blaise Diagne de Diass airport, the toll motorway. and prolonged VDN.

The Pole, which covers an area of ​​2,870 hectares and has around 10,000 housing units, is above all a residential area with spaces such as banks, hospitals, schools, and entertainment areas.




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