5 reasons why you must invest in real estate in Saint Louis

If the Senegalese capital, Dakar, remains the city where real estate has the most value, Saint-Louis also has assets to promote. The northern capital is a prime area for real estate projects in Senegal. It has characteristics that are worth the detour for any investor.

1) Unesco World Heritage

Since 2000, the city of Saint-Louis has been part of the UNESCO world heritage. It owes this status to history, to the colonial architecture of its buildings, to its position on the Senegal River. All this gives the city a specific appearance and identity.

There is, for example, the oldest church in West Africa, the Cathedral of Saint-Louis. This 200-year-old building was renovated, financed by the French Development Agency, to more than one billion CFA francs at the end of 2018.

Saint-Louis is a tourist town. As such, it attracts people, donations and investments. Being part of UNESCO’s world heritage gives it international influence. The value of real estate there is real.

2) The discovery of oil and gas

The discovery of oil and gas off its coast was great news for Saint-Louis. The exploitation of these two natural resources opens the way to numerous and formidable opportunities.

Indeed, the city will benefit from more infrastructure and attract even more investments as an oil zone. All economic activity will be positively affected, including the real estate sector.

The population will grow and the need for housing will grow at the same time. All real estate will certainly see its value increase.

3) Saint-Louis airport

In 2017, three weeks before the official opening of Blaise DIAGNE International Airport, the Ministry of Air Transport and Airport Infrastructure Development and the commercial company TRANSCON signed an agreement for the rehabilitation of several airports in Senegal, including the one of Saint-Louis.

This airport plays a huge role in the attractiveness of the city. It facilitates access from other important areas. It accommodates planes from the Dakar flying club and certain charter flights from Europe.

Its rehabilitation is proof of the importance of Saint-Louis in Senegal’s economic development plan and comes at the right time for the needs of oil exploitation.

4) Saint-Louis is a pleasant city

Saint-louis is a city where life is good. Far from being as overcrowded as Dakar, we find the most beautiful value of Senegal in all its splendor: the Téranga. It enjoys a binary climate, hot during the day and cool at night, not to mention the pleasant sea breeze.

It is the ideal place for those who know how to appreciate nature. They are not disappointed thanks to the different parks (Guembeul reserve, Djoudj bird park, Barbary language park) and the presence of the Senegal River and the Atlantic Ocean.

Moreover, Saint-Louis is famous for its urban culture, characterized by events such as Fanals, the Saint-Louis Jazz festival, the Métissons festival and the annual canoe races.

5) An overview of some neighborhoods with high potential

In Saint-Louis, as in all localities, some neighborhoods have more potential than others. It is :

The island which contains the majority of the classified heritage and which is seeing many of its buildings rehabilitated through the efforts of social entrepreneurs such as Amadou Diaw and international organizations such as AFD. The price per square meter is between 150,000 and 300,000 FCFA.

Residential districts such as Bango, Leybar Boye, Sor, Makah toube which are developing on the side of the continent where the price per square meter varies between 10,000 and 30,000 FCFA.

There are a few areas such as Mouyit, Sawene and even Taré which develop naturally as seaside resorts along the coast.

These areas represent important real estate investment opportunities.


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